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October 22, 2013|Shanghai, China|Sheraton Pudong

Nonwoven Market Opportunities: Hygiene and Beyond

1st Asia Pacific Nonwovens Symposium Photogallery

Thank you for participating in the 1st Asia Pacific Nonwovens Symposium in Shanghai on October 22. We’ve attracted over 130 delegates from 78 companies (17 countries) to this conference.

The Asia Pacific Nonwovens Symposium is designed to shed light on the market opportunities in the fast-growing Asia Pacific region, with a focus on:

  • Hygiene – still the biggest growth market
  • Expert insight into the Asia Pacific hygienic nonwovens market, including demographics and trends in consumer behaviour
  • Developments in raw materials and the movement towards ultra thin diapers
  • Technology updates and energy efficiency
  • Plus an update on emerging growth markets including medical, filtration, industrial and automotive applications

Contact Us

To discuss sponsorship opportunities:
Alex Cooke (International), +44 113 388 4877
May Mei (China), +86 21 6039 6973

For Delegates:

An early-bird discount applies to registrations made by September 22, 2013